The Korean BioChip Society
The Korean BioChip Society is an organization of biochip professional and others interested in the biochip profession, such as proteomics, functional genomics, Bio-MEMS, nanotechnology, biosensors and bioinformatics. It was originated from Protein Chip Society, which was founded in 2001. To coordinate and support the research fields for post-genomics, the Korean Biochip Society was reorganized and newly founded in 2006. Together with these, the Korean BioChip Society is intended to have research cooperation between members and to promote exchanges in technologies, researches and information, and relationship between members from the industry, universities and research institutes.

We are aware that the mission of our society is to contribute to the development of biochip technology that is creating new paradigm as a key technology in studying for the proteomics, functional genomics, Bio-MEMS, nano-technology, biosensors and bioinformatics that are new bioscience area in the 21st century.
2015 Annual Spring Meeting of
The Korean BioChip Society
• May 20 (Wed.) to 22(Fri.)
• CHA Bio Complex