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(사)한국바이오칩학회 The Korean BioChip Society

BT+IT+NT융합시대의 리더 : 한국바이오칩학회

역대 수상자

2008 학회상 수상자 및 우수논문 발표상 명단

■ 2008 학회상 수상자

공로상 백 세 환 (고려대학교)
황 승 용 (한양대학교)
김 영 기 (한경대학교)
신인학술상 서 갑 양 (서울대학교)
BioChip Journal 학술상 최 정 우 (서강대학교)

■ 2008 국제심포지움 및 추계학술대회 - 우수논문 발표상<가나다순>

< 구두발표 부분 >
"Red Blood Cell Quantification Microfluidic Chip Using Polyelectrolytic Gel Electrodes"
이주희 (건국대학교)
"Application to Ultrasensitive Antigen Detection and Analysis of Small Molecules Using Gold Microparticles and LDI-TOF MS"
< 포스터발표 부분>
"Formation and Size Control of Polydiacetylene Sensor Liposome using Hydrodynamic Focusing"
"Light-addressable Potentiometric Sensor based on a Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Multilayer"
"Optical Biosensing of Glycated Proteins based on the Spectral Red-Shift from Protein-Dye Interaction"
"A Single Cell Detection of Bacterial Pathogen from Food Samples within Working Hour"
"Smart Surface for the Switchable Microarray of Escherichia coli"
"Novel Multi-layer Microfluidic Device for Mimicking Structure and Functions of Renal Tubule Cells"
"Neuron Viability and Neurite Extension on Thin Carbon Nanotube Films"
"Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire Pattern Using Nanoimprint Lithography for Real-time Detection of Biomolecules"
"A Novel Thermo-Electro Microarray Controlling Microenvironments of Differentiating Embryonic Stem Cells with Precision"
Yunxian Pian(KAIST)
"Magnetic Bead based Immunoassay with Enzymes Immobilized in Mesocellular Carbon Foam"

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