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BT+IT+NT융합시대의 리더 : 한국바이오칩학회

역대 수상자

2014 춘계학술대회 학회상 및 우수 논문 발표상 안내

■ 2014 춘계학술대회 - 학회상 수상자

공로상 이석재 박사 (나노종합기술원)
정효일 교수 (연세대학교)
특별공로상 최의열 대표이사 (바디텍메드㈜)
김대용 대표이사 (㈜엔바이오텍)

■ 2014 춘계학술대회 - 우수 논문 발표상

구두발표 부문 (가나다순)
정헌호(충남대학교) Droplet-Array Based Multiplex Assay of Cell-Cell Interaction in Dual Population Gradient of Microorganism
한용덕(아주대학교) A Low-cost Optical Biosensing Platform Employing Common Electronics Components as an Optical Transducer
포스터 부문 (가나다순)
강현구 (충남대학교) Study of Gold nanoparticle(AuNP) for Biosensor Application by using Micro-patterning and Surface Plasmon Resonance(SPR)
고재경 (서울대학교) Single-cell RT-PCR in a Volume-Changing Microwell-Array
김진 (연세대학교) 3D microfluidic chip to study the paracrine effect of GDNF-overexpressing mesenchymal stem cells on neural stem cell differentiation
김태형 (UNIST) A Fully Integrated Molecular Diagnosis for Food-borne Pathogen Detection
박주희 (UNIST) Microfluidic Study on CCL19-induced Chemotaxis of Human Dendritic Cells Interacted with Breast Cancer Cells
석영웅 (GIST) Colorimetric Detection of PCR Products of DNA from Pathogenic Bacterial Targets based on a Simultaneously Amplified DNAzyme
송서우 (서울대학교) Sliced Thread-Bundle for Low-cost Multiplexed Immunoassay
오영재 (KAIST) Nanotextured Surfaces with Large Area Glass Nanopillar Arrays for Highly Sensitive Biophotonic Detection
장미란 (KAIST) Generation of Alginate Microcapsules Containing a Single Algal Cell via Paper-based Oil Extraction
정종진 (화학연구원) Conductivity-dependent Regulation of Cell Morphogenesis and Proliferation using Tailored ZnO Films
정효은 (고려대학교) In vitro Study of CNS Axonal Myelination using 3D Microfluidic Co-culture Platform
최수지 (연세대학교) Fabrication of Lateral Flow Immunosensor using a Fountain Pen Dispenser

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