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역대 수상자

[2015 춘계] 우수 논문 발표상 안내

2015 춘계학술대회 우수논문 발표상

구두발표 부문
  • 정윤진(서울대학교): Identifying Core-liquid of Micro Core-shell Particles by Graphical Codes; Using Off-centering Effect for a Constant Rotation Axis
  • 이도환(KAIST): Valveless Direct LAMP-Immunochromatographic Strip Microdevice for Detecting Pathogen Bacteria from Whole Blood Sample

포스터 부문
  • Rongke Gao: Ultra-sensitive Detection of Anthrax Marker PGA with a SERS-based Solenoid Microfluidic Sensor
  • 김가람(아주대학교): Using the Smartphone Embedded Illumination Sensor for μCTX-II Immunosensing
  • 김상훈(고려대학교): ssDNA Aptamers Specifically Binding to Two Small Agricultural Drug Molecules
  • 신성철(서울대학교): Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayer of Stimuli-responsive Polypeptide at Air-water Interface
  • 심규영(홍익대학교): Effect of Microfluidic Gut-on-a-chip Loaded Three-dimensional Collagen Villi Model for Drug Absorption
  • 윤진식(경희대학교): 3D Printing Microstructures in a Microfluidic Channel
  • 이상희(POSTECH): Detection Method for Troponin I Using Catalytic Nanoparticles and Capillary Tube
  • 기현지(KAIST): Optoelectrofluidic Printing System for Acquirement of Freestanding Patterned Hydrogel Sheets
  • 최상백(인하대학교): Polydimethylsiloxane Film Based Lipid Bilayer Formation for Ion Channel Studies

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