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역대 수상자

2017 바이오칩 젊은 인재상 및 춘계학술대회 우수 논문 발표상 안내

2017 바이오칩 젊은 인재상 및 춘계학술대회 우수 논문 발표상 안내

2017 바이오칩 젊은 인재상

젊은 인재상 수상자
젊은 인재상 박 민 교수(한림대)

2017 춘계학술대회 우수 논문 발표상

우수 논문 구두발표상
김병준(GIST) "Microfluidic Device for Simultaneous Measurement of Blood Viscosity and Hematocrit"
최재원(충북대) "Quantitative Analysis of Target Molecules in Subnanoliter Droplets Using Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay"

우수 논문 발표상
Younghao Ma(연세학교) "Ultrafine Microneedle (UM) for Innocuous and Efficient Subcutaneous Insulin Delivery"
Rui Wang(한양대) "Highly Sensitive Detection of Pathogen Bacteria Using SERS-based Lateral Flow Assay"
권기윤(성균관대) "Precise Control of Dissolvable Capability via External Heating in Bio-integrated Transient Electronics"
권순호(POSTECH) "Development of an Ultrasensitive Point-of-care Biosensor sing Enzyme-mimetic Nanoparticles"
김근완(울산대) "Optical Properties of Urchin-Shaped Gold Nanoparticles under Single Particle Spectroscopy"
김성일(한밭대) "Simple and Rapid Fabrication of Glass Microfluidic Devices utilizing Ultrafast Laser Micromachining"
김수덕(서울대) "A One-step Pipetting Platform for Large-scale Sequential Drug Combination Assay"
김정민(KIST) "Precise Discrimination of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses Using Particle-based onestep RT-qPCR"
김철민(경북대) "A simple and easy one step fabrication of biodegradable micro container using PDMS stencil by solvent evaporation"
남지혜(숙명여대) "Hydrogel biosensor for rapid detection of nitrite ions"
박주환(KAIST) "Pneumatic valve-integrated power-free microfluidic pump"
박현지(연세대) "Microfluidic 3D system for human induced pluripotent stem cell culture"
백승훈(중앙대) "Highly Sensitive Biosensor for Detection of Norovirus Using Specific Peptide Binders"
양진경(한양대) "Graphene Oxide-Peptide Assemblies for the Fluorescent Detection of MMP-2"
이동진(KIST) "Multicolor detection of different types of TMPRSS2-ERG fusion genes for prostate cancer diagnosis"
이선희(KAIST) "Nanoceria-coated Ring-type Channel on Paper-based Analytical Device for the Quantitative Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide"
장민정(KAIST) "Matrix stiffness modulated IPN-based 3D gastric cancer model"
장진영(KIST) "NIR to NIR Upconversion Nanoparticle Based Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Influenza A Virus Subtype H5N2"
정택언(GIST) "Continuous pH Monitoring using Iridium Oxide pH Electrode Integrated in a Droplet-based Microfluidic System"
최문기(성균관대) "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Insertion of a Lipid-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube into a Lipid Membrane"

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