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Annual Meetings

2017 Annual Fall Meeting

Title 2017 Annual Fall Meeting
"Future Biochips@4th Industrial Revolution"
Date November 8 (Wed.) ~ 10 (Fri.), 2017
Venue PARADISE Hotel, Busan
Program (tentative)
November 8 (Wed.)
Time Program
14:00~18:00 Registration and Welcome Reception
17:00~18:00 Council Meeting
November 9 (Thu.)
Time Program
08:00~09:00 Registration
09:00~10:30 Young Pioneer Session I.
Chair: Minhee Kang(Samsung Medical Center)
Young Pioneer Session II.
Chair: Tae-Hyung Kim(Chung-Ang University)
09:00~09:15 Bonhan Koo(University of Ulsan College of Medicine)
A Rapid Diagnosis of Tick-borne Illness in Korea by Using an One-step Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification with a Bio-optical Sensor Detection
Hyeong Jin Chun(Ajou University)
An Intuitive Biosensing Method by Employing Light Interference from Chromogenic Reaction on Smart Handset Device
09:15~09:30 Ji-Na Park(Korea University)
Clinical Evaluation of the 2D Chromatography-based Fluorescent Immunosensor for High-sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I
Sumin Seo(KAIST)
Flexible and Tunable Microlens Array Using Parylene Microfluidics
09:30~09:45 Dong-Yeong Kim(Chungnam National University)
Synthesis of Silica Particle Using Bio-mimetic Catalyst under the Ambient Condition in Microfluidic Device
Sungchul Shin(Seoul National University)
Cellulose Nanofiber Hydrogel for Three-Dimensional Paper Microfluidics
09:45~10:00 Minsu Kim(Yonsei University)
A Sensitive Protein Assay Using Silica Coated Silver Nanoparticle Entrapped Hydrogel for Metal Enhanced Fluorescence
InSoo Park(Yonsei University)
Exploring the Energy Landscape of Cellular Dielectric Polarization using Dielectrophoretic Force spectroscopy
10:00~10:15 Daekyung Sung(KICET)
Development of Electrochemical Immunosensor Using Ferrocene-Containing Redox Copolymer
Jeonghun Lee(KIMM)
Size-based Cell Separation for Circulating Tumor Cells Enrichment using Fishbone Shape Microchannel
10:15~10:30 Seon-Ju Yeo(School of Medicine, Wonkwang University)
Clinical Evaluation of Rapid Fluorescent Diagnostic ImmunochromatographicTest for Influenza A Virus (H1N1)
Hongki Kang(KAIST)
Inkjet-printed Micro Thermo-plasmonicHeater Based Patterned Heat Generation for Neuro-modulation on Microelectrode Array Chip
10:30~10:50 Coffee Break
10:50~11:10 Opening Ceremony
11:10~12:00 Plenary Session I.
Chair: Jae-Chul Pyun(Yonsei University)
Tai Hyun Pakr(KOFAC)
Bioelectronic Nose and Tongue
12:00~13:30 LUNCH
13:30~15:10 Session I. BioMEMS Techniques
Chair: KwangHo Lee(Kangwon National University)
Session II. In vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
Chair: Dae-Hyun Ko(Hallym University Medical Center)
13:30~13:55 Seok (Sid) Chung(Korea University)
Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture Assay
Kwanwoo Shin(Sogang University)
Paper-Based Digital Microfluidic Chip for Multiple Electrochemical Assay Operated by a Wireless Portable Control System
13:55~14:20 Nakwon Choi(KIST)
Anisotropically Organized 3D Culture Platform for Reconstruction of a Hippocampal Neural Network
Jongsik Chun(Seoul National University)
Application of Next Generation Sequencing to Bacterial Infectious Diseases
14:20~14:45 Sungjune Jung(POSTECH)
Inkjet-based Bioprinting and Its Applications
Moon-Woo Seong(Seoul National University College of Medicine)
NGS-based Testing for Tumor
14:45~15:10 Aram Chung(Korea University)
Quantitative Single-cell Biology from Inertial Microfluidics
Young-Hak Kim(Asan Medical Center)
How Medical Big Data is Changing Healthcare System?
15:10~15:25 Coffee Break
15:25~16:40 Session III. Healthcare Sensing
Chair: Joon Myong Song(Seoul National University)
Session IV. Biomolecules(Protein/DNA)
Chair: JongHoon Choi(Chung-Ang University)
15:25~15:50 Jang-Ung Park(UNIST)
Wearable Smart Sensors Using Transparent and Stretchable Structures
Tae-Joon Jeon(Inha University)
Nanopore Technology for the Stochastic Detection of Single Spores
15:50~16:15 Seung-Kyun Kang(KAIST)
Biodegradable Electronics for Minimally Invasive Monitoring and Treatment
Seung Min Yoo(Chung-Ang University)
Triggering and Monitoring of Dopamine Exocytosis in Single Living Cells Using Nanoelectrode
16:15~16:40 Sei Kwang Hahn(POSTECH)
Smart Photonic Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Seonki Hong(DGIST)
Advanced Technologies for Detection and Molecular Profiling of Exosomes
16:40~17:00 Poster Session

Chair: JungHeon Lee(Sungkyunkwan University),
MinSeok Kim(DGIST)
(Sydney/Napoli/Venice/Miami Room)
Mentoring Program
Chair: Hye Jin Lee(Kyungpook National University)
Yoon-Kyoung Cho(UNIST)
“Dream Big, Love What You Do”
18:00~18:30 The 12th general Meeting
18:30~20:00 Banquet
November 10 (Fri.)
Time Program
09:00~10:40 Session V. Biomedical Sensors and Devices
Chair: JunSang Doh(POSTECH)
Session VI. NanoBio Technology
Chair: Yun Seok Heo(Keimyung University School of Medicine)
09:00~09:25 Kook-Nyung Lee(KETI)
Smart POCT Biosensor Combined with IoT Platform Technology
Sang Kyung Kim(KIST)
Highly Extensible Multiplex Real-time PCR; PIN PCR and Its Applications
09:25~09:50 Joo H. Kang(UNIST)
An Engineered Human Fc-mannose-binding-lectin for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
Taesung Kim(UNIST)
Active Mass Transport Control for Microfluidic Chemostat/Bioreactor Applications Using Nanoscale Hydrodynamic Films
09:50~10:15 Young Jun Kim(ETRI)
Use of Micro-scle Capillary Tubes for pPOC Applications
Tae Jae Lee(NNFC)
Integrated Microfluidic Device and Automated System for On-site Molecular Diagnosis
10:15~10:40 Ji Hoon Jeong(Sungkyunkwan University)
Cutaneous Delivery of Biomacromolecules Using Microneedle Arrays
Shin Sik Choi(Myongji University)
C. elegans -on-a-chip for Human Wellness
10:40~11:00 Coffee Break
11:00~11:50 Plenary Session II.
Chair: Ki-Hun Jeong(KAIST)
Je-Kyun Park(KAIST)
Microfluidic Cell on a Chip: Opportunities and Challenges
11:50~12:20 Closing Ceremony

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